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“Philanthropy has always been at the core of my belief system and has defined my mission in many ways.”

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Gilbert Chagoury

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Gilbert Ramez Chagoury is a distinguished figure in the world of business and philanthropy, renowned for his unwavering commitment to positive change and global betterment. With a career spanning several decades, he has made a profound impact on both the business landscape and the realm of philanthropy. Gilbert's entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership have led to the establishment and growth of successful ventures across various industries, cementing his reputation in the history books. Beyond his business acumen, Gilbert Ramez Chagoury is equally recognized for his dedication to philanthropy and humanitarian causes, where he has consistently used his resources and influence to drive positive social change and support initiatives that uplift communities around the world. His life's work is a testament to the transformative power of business for good, and his legacy continues to inspire and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

Gilbert Chagoury's philanthropy is a profound embodiment of his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the world. With a heart dedicated to humanitarian causes, he has consistently channeled his resources and influence towards initiatives that drive social change and uplift underserved communities. His philanthropic efforts have touched various spheres, from funding educational scholarships and building healthcare facilities to supporting disaster relief efforts and championing environmental conservation. Gilbert's philanthropic vision extends far beyond mere financial contributions; it encompasses a genuine desire to address pressing global challenges and foster sustainable solutions. His philanthropic legacy stands as a testament to the profound difference one individual can make when guided by a deep sense of responsibility and compassion for the well-being of others, leaving an indelible mark on the world and inspiring a legacy of kindness and generosity for generations to come.

Gilbert Chagoury is a remarkable humanitarian whose commitment to improving the lives of others is truly inspirational. His philanthropic efforts, which span diverse areas such as healthcare, education, and disaster relief, have touched countless lives. Gilbert's unwavering dedication to alleviating suffering and promoting social well-being reflects a deep sense of compassion and a genuine desire to make the world a better place. His humanitarian work serves as a shining example of the positive impact that one individual with a compassionate heart and a global perspective can achieve, leaving an indelible mark on the world and uplifting humanity as a whole.

Ambassador for St. Lucia, Chagoury’s diligent work representing and protecting the island was so significant that when he sought a place for St. Lucia on the Executive Board of UNESCO, St. Lucia was elected with the highest number of Caribbean and Latin American votes in history. Under the patronage of Chagoury, the Saint Lucia Pitons, two mountainous volcanic plugs, were and are still registered as a 2,90912 ⅐ha World Heritage Site, located near the town of Soufriere.

Gilbert Chagoury's objectives encompass driving positive change, fostering education, and alleviating suffering worldwide through philanthropy, diplomacy, and advocacy.

Gilbert Chagoury's values are rooted in compassion, integrity, and a profound belief in the power of education and cultural preservation to create a more equitable and harmonious world for all.

The Chagoury Group
Empowering Progress Together

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“A model of 21st century innovation while staying true to their origins as a family business.”

Gilbert and his brother Ronald founded the Chagoury Group, which would become one of the leading Africa based corporations, in Nigeria in 1971. The Chagoury Group’s C&C Construction division built Ideal Flour Mills in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, which was to be the first of four flour mills the Chagourys were to develop in Nigeria.

From the beginning and through each stage of the development and expansion of the industrial, manufacturing and leisure segments of the group, the focus has been on maximizing the contribution of each of the companies in the group.

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Awarded the grand cross of the order of st. Gregory the Great

In january of 2011, Gillbert and his wife Rose-Marie Chagoury were received by his holliness,
Pope Benedict XVI.

Gilbert Chagoury's
Awards & Recognitions


Igihango, National Order of Outstanding Friendship Medal

Presented by President Paul Kagame on November 18th, 2017, for playing a great role in fostering ties between Rwanda and the Vatican at a time when relations were shaky.


Knight Commander with Star in the Order of Pope Pius IX

Knighted on December 26, 2016, Knight Commander with Star in the Order of Pope Pius IX, the first of the Papal Orders, by order of precedence.


Saint Lucia Cross (SLC)

On the occasion of Independence Day 2015, Her Excellency the Governor General, as Chancellor of the National Societies of Honour, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 25 of the National Honours and Awards Act.

News and Events

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Chagoury Group: Shaping Futures with Empowerment Education

Chagoury Group: Shaping Futures with Empowerment Education

Welcome to a journey through the empowering world of education as envisioned by the Chagoury Group. My name is Gilbert Chagoury, and I have dedicated a significant part of my career to not just building structures but also fostering potential through education. At the heart of the Chagoury Group’s mission lies a profound commitment to […]

Philanthropical Impact on Global Health Initiatives

Philanthropical Impact on Global Health Initiatives

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Gilbert and Rose-Marie

Gilbert and Rose-Marie

Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury have never taken for granted their good fortune and are now internationally known for their philantrophy. Each year, Gilbert and Rose-Marie support further education for disadvantaged young people with a number of scholarships to support the higher education.