The Chagoury Group

The Chagoury Group

Development of the
Chagoury Group

Gilbert and his brother Ronald founded the Chagoury Group, which would become one of the leading Africa based corporations, in Nigeria in 1971.

flour mills

The Chagoury Group’s C&C Construction division built Ideal Flour Mills in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, which was to be the first of four flour mills the Chagourys were to develop in Nigeria.

From the beginning and through each stage of the development and expansion of the industrial, manufacturing and leisure segments of the group, the focus has been on maximizing the contribution of each of the companies in the group.

Gilbert and Ronald had a vision to create a self-sufficient group structure for the companies in order to maintain their competitive edge in a rapidly changing global economy. It is this stable foundation that has enabled the Chagoury Group of companies to flourish.

Growth and expansion
Into several industries

The Chagoury Group has grown to become one of the leading Africa based corporations in Nigeria, with manufacturing, construction, industrial, hotels and high technology companies, all part of the stable of companies.


Gilbert and Ronald wanted to be sure to utilize the talents of Nigerian professionals and the Nigerian workforce to grow their companies.

For this reason, the Chagourys have won the loyalty of their Nigerian personnel, many who have been with the group since it began. Today, the Chagoury Group is a leading Nigerian employer, with a workforce numbering tens of thousands of Nigerian and other African and international personnel.

In addition to the flour mills, the Chagoury Group’s industrial division includes a glass bottle manufacturing plant, plastic bottle manufacturing and furniture manufacturing.

The construction division includes a civil engineering company and a transportation company, The Chagoury Group also includes a real estate division where they are developing luxury residential developments along with the new Eko-Atlantic project which is a dynamic new city that will be built on land is being reclaimed from the sea.

The Chagoury Group has a hotel and catering division

And the Ideal Eagle Hospital is included in their healthcare division providing healthcare for employees of the Chagoury Group as well as other multi-national, Nigerian-based companies.

From the opening of the Ideal flour mills in 1978 to today the Chagoury Group is a model of 21st century innovation while staying true to their origins as a family business.