Vatican ceremony awards Rose-Marie and Ronald

January 2, 2018
Gilbert R. Chagoury
Awards & Recognition
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A moment of profound significance unfolded at the Vatican as Rose-Marie Chagoury was honored with the prestigious “Dame Commander with plaque of St. Gregory” award, while Ronald Chagoury received the esteemed title of “Grand Commander of St. Sylvestre.” This remarkable ceremony celebrated their remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication to both their community and humanity as a whole.

A Commemoration of Excellence

The Vatican ceremony was a poignant celebration of excellence and a testament to the exemplary lives led by Rose-Marie and Ronald Chagoury. Their commitment to philanthropy, culture, and humanitarian causes has left an indelible mark on the world.

Dame Commander with plaque of St. Gregory: Rose-Marie Chagoury

In recognition of her tireless efforts and outstanding contributions, Rose-Marie Chagoury was bestowed with the prestigious “Dame Commander with plaque of St. Gregory” award. Her philanthropic endeavors have touched countless lives, and this honor is a reflection of her unwavering dedication.

Grand Commander of St. Sylvestre: Ronald Chagoury

Ronald Chagoury’s illustrious career and philanthropic endeavors have made a significant impact on society. His title of “Grand Commander of St. Sylvestre” stands as a testament to his lifelong commitment to making the world a better place.

A Legacy of Service

The Vatican ceremony not only recognized their exceptional achievements but also underscored the importance of service and compassion in today’s world. Rose-Marie and Ronald Chagoury’s legacy serves as an inspiration for all, reminding us that a life dedicated to the betterment of humanity is a life truly well-lived.

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